Seabreeze Management
Seabreeze Management
(Community Manager)

9350 Waxie Way, Ste 560
San Diego, CA 92123

Customer Service (800) 232-7517

Account Executive:
Jenna McDaniel 
(858) 737-7547

Associate Manager:
Ed Franco Velasco
(858) 206-8601

Customer Service:
(800) 232-7517, Option (1)

Escrow Department:
(800) 232-7517, Option (2)
Documents can be ordered through HomeWiseDocs

After Hours Emergencies:
(800) 232-7517


Trellis Fifth Avenue is a Condominium Homeowners Association.  Neither Trellis nor Seabreeze manages rental properties or commercial spaces.  For sales and rental information, please contact the unit owner directly.


The pay parking garage is independently owned and operated by Parking Company of America – San Diego (PCA-SD).  If you have any issues please contact them directly at (619) 940-4117.

Direct Debit Signup: